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Champagne Bruno Paillard


Style and elegance

Maison BRUNO PAILLARD sprang from its founder’s desire to create a champagne different from any other; extremely pure.

A great champagne for BRUNO PAILLARD is – above all – an “assemblage”, blending: of diverse crus, grape varieties and vintages. It is about the constant desire to capture the quintessential finesse and elegance which champagne can bring when it is served with love and care.

The BRUNO PAILLARD style is a marriage of elegance and complexity which is manifested as a light and smooth effervescence, a remarkable purity, a true freshness and a silky texture.

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Bruno Paillard


The founder of the Maison

Bruno Paillard was born in Reims in 1953. His lineage of brokers and growers in the two Grands Crus villages of Bouzy and Verzenay dates back to 1704. Following in the family’s footsteps, he started working as a broker in 1975, acquiring a deep and extensive knowledge of Champagne.

In January 1981, armed with nothing but his sense of determination, Bruno Paillard sold his old Jaguar, a collector’s item, to fuel his dream and start his company. 

In January 2007 his daughter, Alice Paillard, decided to join and continue the BP family adventure.  Alice now co-manages the Maison with her father.

Viticulture &


The vineyard now covers 32 hectares, including 12 grands crus that provide more than half of all the grapes that the house needs. The remainder are still purchased from the same independent growers, from more than 30 different villages, who have been Paillard’s partners for many years now.

The work in the vineyard is organic while in the cellar a quality charter has been created through simple criterias which are strictly adhered to: 

• Selection of the highest quality grapes,
• Use of the first pressing only,
• Separate vinifications for each “cru” in oak or tank, 
• Addition of “Reserve Wines” for the multi-vintages Champagnes; 25% to 50% based on the year, 
• Ageing two to four times longer than the legal minimum, up to 15 years for the N.P.U. -“Nec Plus Ultra”
• Dosage is always “Extra Brut” (extremely low),
• The wine rests in the cellar after disgorgement, typically for 5 to 18 months

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The Champagnes

The most important cuvée of the Maison is of course the Premiére Cuvée representing the house style. 45% Pinot Noir, 33% Chardonnay and 22% Pinot Meunier, part of which is fermented in barrels. The wine is complemented with a 25-50% "Reserve Wine". The dosage is under 6 gr/l the champagne is therefore extra brut.

The Téte de Cuvée of the house is the N.P.U,  Nec Plus Ultra. Sourced exclusively from Grand Cru vineyards, the champagnes undergo an ageing on the lees of at least 10 years with an extra brut dosage. It is truly an extraordinary Champagne experience. 

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