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The philosophy by Armand Heitz


Working with nature

"In addition to the practice of organic and biodynamic viticulture, the concept of regenerative agriculture is very important in our philosophy."


About the estate

The history of the estate begins with the Nié - Vantey family in the mid-19th century, who ran a Négociant business with 20 hectares of their own land. Georges Lochardet married Marcelle Nié and their son Armand Lochardet inherited half of the estate. In 2011 his grandson Armand Heitz took over and the revived the domaine.

What is going on in the cellar?

Perfect grape quality is, of course, essential. In the case of white wines, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the selection of the harvest time in order to have a perfect balance of acidity and ripeness.

With regards to red wines, Armand casts his vote in favor of whole-cluster pressing.

"The best purchase you can make in the winery is a chair to watch your winery work and not interfere" by the late Henri Jayer 


The terroir

The plots of the domaine are located between Beaune, Chassagne and Beaujolais and have now reached 20 hectares again.

Burgundy’s precious heritage encourages them every day to continue this culture of the terroir so that the wines can tell where they come from, a "sense of place".

A borok

A Hexamer borokról elmondható, hogy kristálytiszták, precízek és kifejezik a termőhelyi jellegzetességet. A Rieslingek és a Sauvignon Blanc acéltartályban, a burgundi fajták a Harald saját erdejéből vágott és 5 éven át érlelt tölgyfa hordókban készülnek és érnek. 

The wines

Naturally Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the two main varieties, but there is also Aligoté and Gamay made in Julienas. The 2018 is the currently available vintage in Hungary - considered a warm vintage, the wines show fresh acidity, medium body and fantastic secondary and tertiary aromas. This shows just how precise the work in both the vines and cellar is. These are truly the wines of a future Burgundian superstar.


Domaine Armand Heitz

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