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I started working in hospitality in 1999 and got into the world of wines and beverages in 2007. I've spent my internship in the US in Colorado, where in the restaurant we had to know not only about the dishes served but had to study the wines, cocktails and other beverages. The 2 years I've worked there made me decide, that this is my passion, this is what I want to do. 

Since then I've been around, I've worked in Germany, Austria and another 3 years in Colorado, but this time in Aspen at the Little Nell. During these 3 years I've had the privilege to meet and work alongside wine experts and sommeliers such as Rajat Parr, Robert Bohr, Dustin Wilson MS, Bobby Stuckey MS, Jay Fletcher MS, Sabato Sagaria MS, and Carlton McCoy MS.

I work as a sommelier since 2015 and therefore I'm constantly in contact with guests, winemakers and merchants. These personal connections and my commitment to find and show guests and consumers the most extraordinary wines amplified my belief that I would like to become a wine merchant. My goal is to spread my passion through great wines.

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