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"The wine is made in the vineyard" - Harald Hexamer

Harald Hexamer believes, that the foundation of great wine is the work in the vineyard and immaculate fruit. The responsibility of the winemaker is to bring out the most of it in the cellar.

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About the Weingut

The family Hexamer grows wine in the Nahe region of Germany on 18 hectars. About 60% of it is planted with Riesling, but there is also Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürtztraminer and burgundy varietals. 

The Nahe

The region Nahe, - named after the tributary of the Rhein, is beautifully varied. You find steep slate vineyards like in the Mosel, but also more flat terrain where the valley is broader. The composition of soil is diverse and therefore you can find a number of different varietals. But Riesling is still king in the region and most producers create a crystalline style.


The wines

The wines of Harald and his wife Petra are pure and precise reflecting the character of their origin. The Rieslings and the Sauvignon Blanc are fermented and kept in stainless steel tanks. The Burgundy varietals are made in large oak vats made with oak from the forest of the family. Harald occasionally enjoys picking the trees and chop the wood which he then lets mature for 5 years. 

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